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About Our Company

We work to produce quality products.

La Bonanza

Aguacates La Bonanza is a serious and reliable avocado export company located in Michoacán, Mexico. With great experience in the field, Gabriel Alejandro Villaseñor Zurita (PRESIDENT) has cultivated and packed avocado for more than 25 years.


Our infrastructure and fruit storage capacity allows us to meet the expectations and demands of avocado supply to meet the needs of all our customers, we can guarantee the best quality fruit at the best cost and delivered in a timely manner.

We accompany our processes with cutting-edge technology and human work, with highly trained personnel for the process of selecting our fruit to ensure excellence in quality.


In La Bonanza avocado packinghouse we are committed to offering safe food, we implement national and international protocols to reduce the dangers of food contamination, always seeking adherence to applicable regulations and continuous improvement in our processes.

Our mission:

Export product of the best quality, healthy and clean with the best production costs attractive in the national and international market. All this with competitive prices to meet the demands of our customers.


Be the best packer and distributor of Mexican avocados, based on reputation and high quality and safety systems applied in the field and packaging and whose systems ensure the growth projection of the company and its employees.

Our objectives

Our goal is to become the largest competitor in the avocado industry, combining market strategies and quality controls with competitive prices to provide the best Hass avocado in the market to satisfy our customers.

Our Certifications


We aim to become one of the leading suppliers of avocados in the United States, Japan, China and Canada characterized by the excellence in the quality of our avocado and the cost-quality ratio as well as the durability of our commercial relationships.