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Infrastructure and Process

Everything begins in the field where the fruit is cultivated with the due care that is required so that when it arrives at the packinghouse it is complemented with our processes with cutting-edge technology and human work, especially in the process of selecting our fruit to guarantee the excellence. Thanks to our quality controls, where our avocados pass through selection, grammage and quality filters, we can guarantee export conditions.

We are a company incorporated APEAM who endorses and guarantees the quality of our products. But that’s not all, we have worked every day to obtain certifications such as; PRIMUS, SENASICA and GLOBAL GAP that affirm compliance with quality and hygiene standards.





Our avocado process consists of:

  • Picking the avocado one by one.
  • Transportation of the fruit to the packing house.
  • Reception of fruit in storage.
  • Selection of avocado.
  • Classification by calibers.
  • Palletized packaging.
  • Pre-cooled in conservation chambers.
  • Transported in vehicles with refrigeration chambers